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The Community Advisory Boards (CABs), established by the Northern Gateway Pipelines Project (Northern Gateway), are an important aspect of the Northern Gateway consultation and engagement processes.

CABs provide an opportunity for participants to:

  • gather, receive and process information to arrive at a common body of knowledge;
  • identify and discuss key areas of regional interest or concern;
  • recommend improvements or enhancements to Northern Gateway; and
  • educate the general public.

CABs have been designed to be inclusive of diverse community interests in each of three geographic regions: Northwest BC, North Central BC,  Northern Alberta. They include representatives from environment groups, Aboriginal groups, business associations, municipal governments, community organizations, and the public. Accordingly, CAB meetings exemplify broad stakeholder consultation and engagement practices and provide an excellent forum for the sharing of diverse viewpoints and experience.

The CABs are participant driven and are intended to be in place for the lifecycle of the project. On June 17, 2014 the federal government announced its decision to approve the Project, subject to the Joint Review Panel’s 209 conditions. This is an important step in an ongoing process of building a safer, better pipeline. There is still much work to be done, to meet the conditions before construction can begin. Northern Gateway will continue to engage with the CAB contingent and members of the public as the Project moves forward.

The conversations we have had thus far have furthered an important dialogue about our environment, our resources and the future we want for our country.

Participation in CABs is on a “without prejudice” basis, allowing organizations and individuals the option to put forward their own opinions. Participation in the CAB process is not representative of support for the Project. Meaningful dialogue is encouraged, opportunities for learning are created, and relationships that are mutually beneficial and respect the interests and integrity of all the parties are developed.

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